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Skin Care and Protection

Summertime fruits and topical herbs offer essential skin care protection.

Fruit, especially berries like raspberry, blackberry and blueberry provide an excellent concentrated source of antioxidants at a time of year when we really need them.  Antioxidants help protect our skin from damage due to abrasions, ultraviolet exposure and free radicals.  

Free radicals are unstable molecules that cause wrinkles and other signs of aging.  They occur from normal body activity, but also from external sources like cigarettes and air pollution. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and the flavanoid pigments in fruits and veggies disarm and neutralize free radicals to protect and maintain healthy skin.

It is easy to make a delicious antioxidant-rich summertime smoothie that even children will love.  In the blender add: ½ cup berries (fresh or frozen), 1 tsp. of flax oil or hemp oil, rice protein powder, rice milk and ice; whir and enjoy.  Additional flavor accents include coconut, cinnamon and vanilla.  I suggest the rice derivatives to avoid allergic reactions; however yogurt and milk may be substituted. Flax or hemp oil provide essential fatty acids - valuable skin nutrients that won’t increase your weight. 

Sunburn Relief and Recovery

Chemical free topical herbs offer an array of properties for sunburn relief and recovery.  Tannic compounds in Marigold help reduce inflammation and pain.  The common weeds Plantain and Chickweed provide soothing anti- itch relief. St. John’s Wort helps repair cells, reduce scarring and keep skin moist.  Old Man’s Beard, that moss you see hanging off trees in the southeast, has an antiseptic and moisturizing effect.

Individually or in combination these natural herbs are a must for that summertime first aid kit. Most natural food stores will stock them.

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Summer 2006
Dr. Jon Dunn, Licensed Naturopathic Physician

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