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June, 2017
the 80:20 Law:
An Insurance Fiasco
Insurance companies are not in the business of Health Care
About 25 years ago in Washington state Naturopathic Doctors appealed to insurance carriers to be included in their coverage as primary care physicians. Our pitch was that we could reduce patient visits, improve people’s health and save them money. How naive we were, we didn’t understand. The carriers had no interest in our proposal. The reason is the 80:20 rule as recently outlined in a Huffington Post article by John Weeks.

We all know that insurance companies are not in the business of health care. They are masters at squeezing money out of us with exorbitant premiums and denying benefit paybacks. Mr. Weeks article on the 80:20 rule explains the basis of how, by law, the higher that medical expenses go, the higher the profit for insurance carriers. Thus they have no incentive to pursue health oriented ventures such as including naturopathic doctors as preferred providers. Here is the link to his excellent article: