Thyroid, menopause, pancreatic and adrenal hormone imbalance are specialty areas of Dr. Dunn’s. 

Whether it is overt hyper, hypo or subclinical hypothyroid Dr. Dunn knows how to help using safe, effective, non-toxic natural medicine.  

Menopause issues are one of the most common hormonal concerns that respond well to Dr. Dunn’s natural treatment protocols. For an excellent overview on this subject please see his book, or the November 2007 website newsletter on Menopause which also addresses healthy bones.

A systems approach is what makes Dr. Dunn’s treatments so effective, addressing not only the hormone decline of menopause, but adrenal and thyroid status, toxic overload and nutritional deficiencies for a whole-person, body- mind approach to healing.

Dr. Dunn has used both blood and saliva hormone testing and found them to be unreliable (see website newsletter on hormones).  His unique hormone questionnaire provides the necessary information to formulate a comprehensive program to restore wellness. With Dr. Dunn’s extensive training and experience he creates optimal-health individualized therapeutic programs, integrating nutrition, natural supplements, bio-identical hormones, herbs and homeopathy in order to safely and effectively address hot flashes, night sweats, memory issues, osteoporosis, vaginal and bladder concerns. Other conditions that respond well to his treatments include fibroids, PMS, polycystic ovarian condition, infertility and postpartum depression.

Diabetic hormonal deficiencies are often treatable without synthetic medicine. Many factors contribute to diabetes and Dr. Dunn is an expert in helping to identify the individual stresses that play a role in uncontrolled blood sugar. Integrated natural treatments including botanical medicine, natural supplements, dietary modulation and hormone balancing give excellent results when it comes to diabetes.  For more information on this subject see his website newsletter Diabetic Syndrome.

Dr. Jon Dunn,
Licensed Naturopathic Doctor
Naturopathic Health Care, Inc.
Hormone imbalance and skeletal system