Dr. Dunn’s use of natural medicine and functional testing offers an excellent means of addressing anxiety, depression, insomnia and other neurological problems.  Aided by traditional testing, evaluation of neurotransmitters, vitamin and mineral status and lifestyle and nutritional assessments Dr. Dunn can identify the cause of the imbalance and present a safe, natural non-toxic approach to resolve these issues.

Often the cause of the imbalance is hidden.  The solution lies in functional lab testing plus over 20 years of clinical experience that makes Dr. Dunn an expert in addressing neurologic and metabolic health concerns the natural way.

Nutritional deficiencies, toxic build-up especially of heavy metals, unhealthy lifestyle habits and the effects of long term stress can all lead to memory problems and aging concerns that respond well to natural treatments.

Unchecked inflammation is the primary culprit behind the aging process as evidenced by free radical damage causing arthritic conditions, aging skin, cancer, heart disease, stroke and cognitive demise including neurologic conditions such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s.  Accurate testing of nutrient status and toxic metals is standard care that Dr. Dunn provides in creating natural individualized treatment plans to address the cause and the symptoms to restore health the natural way. 

Neurologic deficits of neurotransmitters, amino acids, toxic overload and nutritional deficiencies including allergies are common causes of attention disorders with or without hyperactivity, autism and other pervasive developmental disorders.  Dr. Dunn is skilled in identifying the cause and structuring practical natural solutions to address these concerns. 

Testing for attention disorders may include allergy, nutritional status, amino acid and neurotransmitter levels to aide in diagnosis and optimal natural treatment selections.  Dr. Dunn’s integrated approach to address this common concern allows for a good alternative to synthetic medicine and their side effects.  Dr. Dunn’s treatments go beyond symptomatic care to address the cause of imbalance leading to attention disorders.

Dr. Jon Dunn,
Licensed Naturopathic Doctor
Naturopathic Health Care, Inc.
Neurological System (Nervous System)