This is an area of non-physical health care that often gets overlooked in addressing a sound health plan.  However, seeking mental and emotional well-being and engaging in healthy activities which bring joy on a daily basis is a core health issue. 

Dr. Dunn received honors for his skill in counseling upon graduation from Bastyr University.  His skill in this area of medicine benefits the patients in many ways.  First, concerns are clearly heard and appropriately responded to in order to assist the healing process of both body and mind. 

Second, we are creatures of habit, and Dr. Dunn can successfully help people with lifestyle and habit change to achieve wellness. 

Third is his expertise in what he calls ‘the language of disease’.  Symptoms represent the nature of imbalance within and when properly understand allow crucial incite into the healing process. 

Dr. Dunn also treats with natural supplements, hormones, herbs and homeopathy to address anxiety, depression, attention disorders and other neurotransmitter and metabolic imbalances related to your emotional well being.

Dr. Jon Dunn,
Licensed Naturopathic Doctor
Naturopathic Health Care, Inc.
Lifestyle Counseling