Dr. Dunn is a graduate of Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, a nationally acclaimed and accredited four year graduate level institution. 

Like any conventional medical school, a pre-med undergraduate curriculum is required for acceptance into Bastyr. Dr. Dunn engaged in several post-graduate internships.

A minimum of 30 credit hours each year of continuing education is required and important.

Additional Studies 

  • International Foundation for Homeopathy
  • Foundations in Herbal Medicine
  • Training in the use of Neurofeedback and Quantitative Electroencephalograms with Dr. Myra Preston
  • Foundations of Functional Nutrition

Dr. Jon Dunn, 
Licensed Naturopathic Doctor
Naturopathic Health Care, Inc.
About Dr. Dunn: Education & Associations
Dr. Dunn 
will help with your most valuable asset: your health!

When it comes to your health, experience matters.  Dr. Dunn has been in practice for over 20 years.  He has worked with thousands of patients providing individualized natural treatment plans to restore and maintain optimal health, well-being and energy.  

Having graduated from Bastyr University, the world renowned naturopathic medical school, with honors in counseling, Dr. Dunn knows how to help you address those lifestyle habits that are so important for healing. 

His experience and knowledge of therapeutic nutrition, hormone balancing, botanical and homeopathic medicine along with other natural therapies helps patients to quickly attain their goals for short and long term optimal health.  His mission is to help people take charge of their health care, using safe, effective, non-toxic natural medicine.