While certain aspects of homeopathy date back to ancient Greece, it was the late 1700’s when German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann formalized this style of medicine known as classical or constitutional homeopathy.

Dr. Dunn trained in classical homeopathy at Bastyr University and then continued with more training to become highly skilled in this area of natural medicine. 

Homeopathic remedies are made from very small doses of plant, mineral or animal substances. 

These dilute substances provide the stimulus necessary for our bodies to heal without harmful side effects.  It is this lack of side effects that makes homeopathy an ideal form of health care for all ages and is safe to use during pregnancy. 

Remedies work by complementing the body’s inherent ability and predisposition to achieve and maintain a balanced state of health.  Most acute and chronic illnesses respond favorably to an appropriately selected remedy.

Dr. Jon Dunn,
Licensed Naturopathic Doctor
Naturopathic Health Care, Inc.