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Everyone – all sentient beings – wants happiness. You want yourself and all sentient beings to be free from suffering and the causes of suffering in order to experience true happiness. Everyone can  experience happiness by understanding their own true nature, which has limitless capacity. You can be the cause and condition for helping all beings to achieve this goal of true happiness.
February 2007
Dr. Jon Dunn, Licensed Naturopathic Physician
The Magic of Positive Thinking
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Your Positive thinking is the cause of your happiness and the condition of happiness for others.
Have Good Intent. Watch thoughts. Do they benefit others?
Rejoice in your happiness and the happiness of others.
Regret ego-clinging negative thoughts and emotions that cause you and others suffering. 
Dedicate the results of positive thoughts and actions for the benefit of all sentient beings
Aspire to be of benefit by creating positive thoughts for the happiness of yourself and others.

Those around you are important! Try to associate with people who think positively and avoid the negative thinkers. Avoid movies, books and TV shows that dwell on negativity or that decrease your positive thinking. When around negative people, send them as much positive energy as you can. Don’t encourage their negativity. Instead, be the cause of their happiness. That’s karma. Your positive thinking is the cause of happiness for you and the condition of happiness for others. Positive thinking doesn’t make you weak. In fact, it is the best protection. It becomes impossible for anyone to hurt you. If there’s no fire, nothing can fuel it. 

Every moment there are choices. Negative thinking is the obstacle to happiness. All phenomena arises from thinking. All phenomena is changing. All phenomena is individual perception.  This includes the phenomena of “I”. When we cling to this concept of “I” which does not even exist, we are never free from selfish attitude. When we relax and let go of ego concepts, there is nothing to fear. Dance, sing, rejoice, love, laugh. Empower yourself; you can then empower the world.

Positive Thinking...
1.Renunciation. Reduce or eliminate negative thinking because how you respond is the cause of your suffering and the condition for others to suffer.
2.Compassion. Want to decrease others negative thinking so they will be happy.
3.Faith. Understand and believe in the benefit of positive thinking. KNOW it will create positive results.
4.Loving Kindness. Nurture the loving qualities of others. Want to increase others positive thinking.
5.Wisdom. Learning results in understanding. Contemplation results in experience. Meditation results in realizations. 

Practice ethics, meditation, patience, generosity and wisdom. These lead to right conduct, fearlessness, patience, strength and awareness.

Negative Thinking...
1.Anger. There are 33 types of anger. 
Anger is the most dangerous of all negative thinking. Antidote: Patience.
2.Jealousy. You’re happy when others are unhappy; unhappy when others are happy. Antidote: Rejoice in happiness of others.
3.Greed. Slow emotion, but deep danger. Like slow poison. First define happiness. Know it has nothing to do with fame, praise, wealth, etc. All phenomena constantly changes. You can enjoy, take joy in, but never possess. Let go of clinging and grasping by meditating.
4.Pride. Egotistical, arrogant. You don’t see potential for your development. You don’t grow or learn. Confidence is good, but too much pride leads to disrespecting others. Antidote: Generosity.
5.Ignorance. Learn, contemplate and meditate. 

The Magic is the Power of your Positive Thinking!

In Health,
Jon Dunn, ND