Learn the natural remedies that can assist your child through some of summertime’s common ailments.

Dr. Jon Dunn will discuss the integrated use of homeopathy, herbs, nutrition and natural supplements to help parents prepare and treat many childhood ailments common in summer: sunburn, swimmer’s ear, stings, abrasions, rashes, stomach upsets, hay fever, insomnia and homesickness. Handouts providing practical natural strategies and products for your child’s health will be distributed. Following the talk there will be time for Questions and Answers.

Healthy skin is a reflection of your body’s balance within.

Dr. Dunn will explain how to achieve healthy skin by using therapeutic nutrition, homeopathy and botanical medicine.

By understanding the integrated use of these therapies you can restore balance and optimize the function of your four elimination channels, immune system and metabolic detoxification pathways to achieve healthy skin. 

Common dermatologic concerns including acne, eczema, dry skin and inflammatory disorders will be discussed. 

Learn about:

- The many causes of fatigue
- Natural treatments to restore your energy
- How stress undermines your health
- How to regain balance: Naturally!
- Beneficial Nutritional Supplements

Following the talk there will be time for
Questions and Answers.

The joys of a child bring joy to all! But when joy succumbs to frustration, anger, distraction, isolation, anxiety, or excessive behavior it is time for help. 

What happens when a child’s internal metabolic balance gets disoriented, when the world within and the world without conflict?

Dr. Dunn will examine the cause of these concerns and treatment considerations to help your child regain their sense of wellness. Natural treatments including therapeutic nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine and natural supplements will be discussed.

Dr. Dunn will discuss the hormonal shift of menopause and how to keep your body in balance through menopause and beyond.  Natural treatments including therapeutic nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine and natural supplements as a means to address menopausal concerns will be presented.

Common concerns of menopause will be addressed including: hot flashes, skin and body changes, bone health, insomnia, memory and depression.  Long term health care tips regarding heart disease and cancer prevention will also be discussed.

Avoid the back to school fall flu blues!

When summer turns to fall and students return to the classroom, colds and flu can challenge the whole family.

In this talk, Dr. Dunn will address preventive steps and natural treatments for the care of your child during the fall and winter seasons.  Tips on other seasonal health care issues will also be discussed.

Dr. Dunn’s approach using therapeutic nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine and natural supplements will help strengthen your child’s immune system to ward off the fall virus blues experience.

If your group would like to learn more about natural medicine,  contact Dr. Dunn to arrange for a speaking engagement on these or other subjects.  A recently added class on Homeopathy is popular, as are the talks on bioidentical hormones.
Emphasis on natural medicine for mental/emotional well-being, behavior concerns and optimal learning facilitation.
Health & Harmony for Toddlers
Handouts providing practical natural strategies and products available free during the speaking engagement.

Question and Answer periods for your specific concerns.

For additional information, call

California is a beautiful and exciting place to live. It can also be a toxic and sometimes stressful environment.

Dr. Dunn will share his 20-year expertise and experience with natural remedies, supplements, and botanicals to help you and your family enjoy optimal health!

Learn About:
- The dangers of sleep deprivation
- Metabolic and lifestyle causes of insomnia
- How people unintentionally sabotage their sleep
- How to re-claim the sleep you deserve: Naturally!

Dr. Dunn will share his knowledge about remedies that include natural supplements, botanicals, herbs and lifestyle habits.
Most ailments associated with aging are preventable!

Dr. Jon Dunn, licensed Naturopathic Physician, will discuss preventable ailments of aging including cancer, heart disease, stroke, memory loss, joint issues, digestive disorders and fatigue. 

Dr. Dunn will discuss the NATURAL prevention and management of these and other common health concerns. He will talk about the role of healthy therapeutic nutrition, lifestyle habits and natural therapies including herbs, supplements and homeopathy.
Dr. Jon Dunn,
Licensed Naturopathic Doctor
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Summertime Health Care for your Child
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Summertime Health Care for your Child
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